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What is a Destructable?

A Destructable is any instruction-based guide to creating an action, or artwork that is inserted into the world without consent from governing power structures. Think of interventionist art, culture-jamming, protest, paper hand-out propaganda, shop-dropping, graffiti, civil disobedience, wheat-pasting, billboard alterations, and guerilla street performances. Fun, right?

It can also be a strategy or a tool that is used to engage or interact with a public or other audience for political/expressive purposes. Think of: ways to move through a riot in a safe way, or how to stage a bike parade.

It can also be a set of tools to deal with the potential negative fallout of doing a Destructable (We told you not too. For reals.) Think of things like your legal rights if arrested, how to avoid the cops, just what to do with all of those endorphins?

As you keep these things in mind, look through the projects and you'll get a pretty good idea of what a Destructable is.

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