Walgreens Local Business Coupon (download)

Download this fake coupon and stick it in a Walgreens coupon book. The coupon is for for directions to locally owned businesses. It reads: "Here at Walgreens we understand how any national chain-store is able to destroy locally owned businesses. We want to help you in finding those local stores so you don't have to shop here. Please ask our staff for a guide or directions to local businesses near your home or office."
You will need ( tools or supplies ): 

Download this fake coupon.


Print as many as you want to use and cut them out.
*tip - Color looks great. A color copy machine at a copy mat works best. A color laser printer can look good too.
*tip - from time to time the size of Walgreens coupon book changes slightly. To cut it accurately, pick up some new copies (see tips in next step)


Tape them inside the Easy Saver coupon books from Walgreens stores. Leave a stack of the altered coupon books in the store's racks for customers to stumble across.
*take a stack of the coupon books home, alter them, then put them back into the stores.
*stick the fake coupons at the front of the book or in the very center so they are easy to find.
*double stick tape works well - you can just put a line of tape down the center and leave the outside edge free.

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