Simple Method for the Treatment of Drinking Water: Downloadable manual

Simple Method for the Treatment of Drinking Water, by Gabriele Herber was created to improve water filtration in poverty stricken areas of the "Third World." While this term is outdated and offensive, the intent of the book is righteous: providing simple and affordable methods of treating water to make it safe for drinking. This is important to learn as water scarcity increases, and an era where revelations about lead contamination in water presumed safe for consumption has been on the rise (Flint, Michigan, Philadelphia, Detroit, to name a few U.S. cities with this problem). This book is an interesting resource. Destructables can not vouch for every filtration method in this book (we are a bit wary of filters using household bleach, for example), there are a lot of terrific looking solutions and valuable information.

Download the 72 page manual by clicking the orange link below

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