Shop Dropping Product Labels - by the Yes Lab

Creating your own products or labels for existing products can be a fun, effective, and powerful way to convey interesting or important information. Place these in one or several thousand stores depending on how many people you can get involved.
You will need ( tools or supplies ): 
Labels and printer or
Your own product designed for placement or
Premade stickers.

First, select your target and figure out your preferred message from information you have about said product. For example - Soda Brand X has been known to use questionable cheap sugar alternatives, be anti-union, and drain groundwater all over the world. From this information create a label which either blatantly tells the truth about the product, advocates the consumer to contact the company about new policies to donate money to unions, remove questionable ingredients, or whatever you'd like to convey. When designing the sticker, make sure it will look at home on the selected product. Programs like the Gimp (open source and free), Photoshop, or Illustrator can get great results.You can also do it by hand.


Print as many labels/stickers as you can muster.
And share a downloadable file of your label on line with friends. You can also use Destructables to make your download available.


Walk around stores, place your new labels, enjoy.
*For additional press, contact local news and tell them about the new weird product/packaging you've found in several stores.

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