Mindfulness Meditation for Police in Protest Situations

This 12 minute audio track is for playing at the police during protests or other appropriate situations. It was created with the hypothesis that poor decision making and excessive police force are often the result of being immersed in a stressful situation and/or a lack of empathy (a sense of “us” and “them”). These stressful forces can lead to the injury and murder of our citizens, but many of these behaviors and attitudes can be addressed through mindfulness meditation. The practice of Mindfulness involves being aware moment-to-moment, of one’s subjective conscious experience from a first-person perspective. When practicing mindfulness, one becomes aware of one’s "stream of consciousness". Mindfulness is known to bring about reductions in depression symptoms, reducing stress, anxiety and leading to better decisions through mental clarity and presence.  Two psychologists and Lieutenant Richard Goerling (who trains other first responders in mindfulness) were consulted in the development of the work. The work draws on soothing tones and binaural beats to create a hypnotic space of self-centering contemplation. It is part protest prop, part media talking point, and partly a sincere effort to reach officers. It was created with the intention that anyone could play the audio at the police during a confrontation from a portable PA system. It is for use in whatever way you choose.
You will need ( tools or supplies ): 
Portable speaker system and player.
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