Chemical Bananas sticker (download)

Download a sheet of these Banana stickers and use them to stick on Bananas inside of supermarkets. Banana companies, included Chiquita are known for using carcinogenic pesticides, including Nemagon. In addition to causing worker illness and death, Chiquita is also known for: suppresses union activity on the farms it controls, releasing harmful toxic chemicals into farms, killing at least one worker in Costa Rica according to a coroner’s report, more than a ton of cocaine was seized from 7 Chiquita ships in 1997, Chiquita called in the Honduran military to evict residents of a farm village; the soldiers forced the farmers out at gunpoint, and the village was bulldozed. Posted by our admin, but created by our user elalande.
You will need ( tools or supplies ): 
Sticker paper (for a printer)
Color printer (or copy mat printer)
Scissors or utility knife

Download the PDF or JPG banana sticker sheet.


Print the file on a sheet of sticker paper in color


Cut the stickers out carefully.


Take the stickers to your local supermarket and put them on the bananas. Consider removing the existing stickers before you stick your new stickers on. Or, as user Makaco suggests, stick them directly over the existing stickers - faster action and a better surface for your sticker.

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